Management Services


  • Responsible in the general administration affairs of office
  • To manage property development and Islamic inheritance law (faraid) affairs
  • To manage the services records of personnel
  • To manage information technology related affairs  


Units available in Management Services
  1. Administration Unit
  2. Property Development Unit
  3. Information Technology Unit
1. Administration Unit
  • To manage general administration of office
  • To manage staff services
  • To manage the appointment and retirement of staff
  • To manage files and correspondence
  • To manage office building and meeting rooms
  • To manage assets and inventories of office
  • To manage trainings, courses and examinations of staff
  • Secretariat to meetings of MAINS and other relevant meetings
  • Managing appointments and commissioning of members of MAINS  
  • Visits and tours
  • Public complaints and services
2. Property Development Unit
  • Management of lands owned by MAINS
  • Management of Islamic inheritance law (Faraid)
  • Management of Waqf
  • Management of Quit Rents owned by MAINS
  • Regulating the Maintenance of MAINS Property
3. Information Technology Unit
  • To manage data access
  • To maintain computers and AV systems
  • To supervise the requirements and review of systems
  • To manage the development and implementation of systems
  • To maintain computer usage including inventories
  • To manage applications for computer rentals.

Management Services Chart


Management Services Organization Chart